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Note: for tattoos, see makeup.

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Sweet T:

Hold the cape shut with left hand crossed over right, arms over your chest like a mummy. Frank's labcoat Creation Scene:

If applicable, remove white heel covers on black shoes.

Bedroom Scene:

The terminally anal retentive will have a pink robe, a blue robe, a wig to pull off, and Brad glasses. Borrow Brad and Janet's robes or use one robe--especially if you do this scene behind a sheet. Frank wears his corset under his robe with Janet.

Post-Bedroom Scene:

Image from Mina Smith

Before dinner, take off your half-finger gloves and pearls.

Pre-Floor Show:

Realistically, you won't have time to do this costume unless you are at a convention or doing a costume contest. But it's a cool costume for either of those events.

Frank's red corset

Floor Show:

Put pearls back on (or use different, more silvery pearls)

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