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Last updated: 11/7/2016

Google is your friend. Some of the most helpful costume links you find will be ones you find yourself, using the search engine of your choice. If you find something really good, email me, will you? Happy hunting!

A NOTE ON LINKS: Many stores have gone to a database format, which messes up the links something fierce. So if the main link doesn't work, try a keyword search at the main page. I try to keep everything current, but I do miss things. If you find a broken link, please email me. Thanks!

Image Sources - or what to look at when you're bored with Tumblr Suggestions on How to Make RHPS Costumes Forums To Talk About Making Rocky Costumes
General Costume Construction
People Who Will Make Rocky Costumes For You

I really think it's more fun to make your own. (Don't know how to sew? Neither did most of us when we started. For ideas on how to find/cobble together/modify costumes, and finding supplies, visit the Q&A page.) But some people really don't want to, don't have time, or would rather hire someone more skilled, and I got tired of people asking for a list of costumers. So here it is. I haven't dealt with all of them myself, but I have met most of them and personally seen examples of their work.

What About Those Commercial Costumes?
Fox released these in 2001. I wouldn't recommend them except maybe the Riff wig (hard to find commercially; requires some skill to make), or the Frank wig (not bad for a wig in a bag--the shape is right at least). If you want accuracy, or durability, look elsewhere.
WARNING: the photos on the packages are not the same as the actual costumes (they were probably of higher-quality prototypes).

If you want an approximate audience costume, these may be fine. Just expect to do a lot of maintenance as they were made very much on the cheap. Buying these is a lot less fun than hitting the thrifts and demonstrates a lot less creativity.


Tailors and Costumers
Costumers are listed here as a service to our readers, and does not constitute an endorsement.
If you have a problem with one of them, I probably can't help.
There may also be options in your area, and if you can find someone local, you'll be able to try the costume on and check on its progress in person. Be sure to ask for references and CHECK them. Sometimes once costumers become known for excellent work, they get lots of orders, get overwhelmed, and go down in flames. So ask around before you order.
You can always talk with Edge, who prefer not to be listed here, or go to cosplay sources or Etsy.

If you do order a costume, discuss details that matter to you (number of pleats/eyelets; size of quilted spacesuit squares, color, etc.) with the costumer. (One of the advantages to making your own is that you know exactly what you want.)
Also make sure the measurements you send the costumer are as exact and complete as possible. Even if it they are, you may have to make some final alterations once the costume arrives. On my most recent commission, I asked that the costumer send me a muslin mockup to try on and modify before they started the real thing, which helped.

I DO NOT recommend commissioning a costume if you need it by a specific date, particularly around Halloween, when most Rocky costumers are swamped. If you're on deadline, you are probably better off doing the costume yourself. You are ordering a custom piece of vintage-styled clothing, and most Rocky costumers are fans doing this in their spare time.
A warning: if you live in a different country than the costumer, you may have to pay import duty on the costume, and shipping may be pricey!

General Costume Sources and Lists of Sources
Remember, you can find a lot of stuff looking around in the real world. Specific Costume Piece Sources
Note: I have not purchased these items myself unless indicated, and am not associated with any of the merchants.

A word to the wise if you're purchasing lingerie on-line--shop around. You'll find that the majority of sites you visit are selling exactly the same thing from the distributor--after a while the photos will all look familiar. Prices vary wildly: why pay twice as much for the same thing?