Riff Props and Details


Last updated: 8/19/05

Time Warp:


Quilted Spacesuit Patterns: (Sorry, no pics yet.)

All "left" and "right" directions are from the character's point of view.

Chest front:
A rectangle of 4 unquilted diagonal strips extends from the left neck (where the lightning bolt is pinned) to the right fin. There are 3 shorter strips that extend from the bottom of the lightning bolt to the left fin.
Front skirt:
A rectangle consisting of 4 unquilted strips extends down to Riff's right from the left side of the belt buckle. The top strip ends just a little beyond the edge of the buckle. The lower outer corner of the top strip touches the lower outer corner of an unquilted strip extending from the right side of the skirt. This strip and the 3 unquilted strips beneath it form a triangle on the right side of Riff's skirt. The final effect should look like a rectangle touching a triangle. Yes, this is nearly impossible to envision without a picture. Find some and puzzle it out for yourself.
Back top:
A rectangle of 3 unquilted strips extend from the center back down towards Riff's right. The right upper corner of the rectangle is even with the right edge of the neck-hole. An unquilted strip, even with the bottom of this rectangle, extends down to Riff's left and disappears under a fin. It forms a rectangle with another unquilted strip beneath it which is the same length.
Back skirt:
2 squares right from the border over Riff's left hip is the upper corner of a rectangle of 3 unquilted strips extending down towards Riff's right cheek. The upper left corner is one square from the left hip border of the skirt). There is one unquilted stripe even with the bottom of this rectangle which extends up toward Riff's right hip. It ends 2-3 squares diagonally from the right hip border.


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