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You'll probably need to use big rollers to get the hair right. Sarandon rolled hers from ear to ear, the rollers' axes parallel to her partline and the line of rollers perpendicular to it. Leave purse behind or in front of you when Brad drops ring; pick up again before car scene. Give ring to Brad before the show to put in his ring box.

Janet Pink Dress

Car/Rain Scene:

Creation Scene:

Remove barrettes on your way to the elevator.

Pre-Bedroom Scene:

Bedroom Scene:

Take off your shoes. Ditch your purse. An extra wig can be fun to pull off Frank's head. Janet does not wear her robe or slip in bed.

Toucha Toucha:

You may want a second, tearaway slip. Use velcro or many small clear snaps. Tear off a horizontal strip from the vent to the middle first; then a strip most of the way from the middle to the elastic waistband.

Pre-Dinner Scene:

Put white shoes back on before dinner. This is also a good time to put on fishnets and garter belt if they won't show too much.

Janet Floor Show

Floor Show:

Take off engagement ring.

Drop boa as you "wake up" before the pool scene--make sure it is out of the way for kick line.

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