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Car/Rain Scene:

New Magentas may need you to unbutton some shirt buttons, and almost none can undo your belt in time unless you unbuckle it. Ask-- helping an experienced Magenta undress you will throw off her timing. Grab your shoes after you're undressed and put them on again in the elevator.

Creation Scene:

Take off your glasses for "Superasshole!" and put them back on right before Frank starts his "Unconventional conventionists" speech.

Bedroom Scene:

Take off your shoes. Leave on your socks.

Brad's bathrobe Robe is thrown at Brad before the bedroom scene. He does not wear it to bed, but he does wear his glasses, socks and watch.

Pre-Dinner Scene:

Put on your blue bathrobe. Take off glasses before entrance in elevator. Put them back on when Dr. Scott appears on monitor. Before dinner is a good time to put on your corset, garter belt and fishnets. Put your socks back on over your nets.


Pull your glasses off as you jump up in outrage when Frank chases Janet out of the dining room. Brad leaves them on the table; stash them in your robe.

Brad's floorshow corset

Floor Show:

Take off your watch and class ring.

Drop boa as you "wake up" before the pool scene--make sure it is out of the way for kick line. Wear black underwear under your briefs and try putting on your corset, fishnets and garterbelt before dinner to save time.

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