Sue Blane on Dr. Scott's Costume

Last updated: 6/15/08

Tom Finch, a very good-looking Dr. Scott, chatted with Sue Blane about Dr. Scott's costume back in 2001. Here is the article by Tom Finch as it would have appeared in Crazed Imaginations.

My Visit with Sue Blane on Dr. Scott's Costume
By Tom Finch

I had the great fortune to meet Sue Blane while attending the "Rocky Horror Vacation" convention in Orlando in 2001. She is a wonderful lady with a great smile and a lively sense of humor. During a break in the action, on Saturday afternoon I sat with Sue outside the meeting hall and pumped her for all I could about my favorite character, Dr. Scott.

I asked Sue how much design actually went into the costume for the movie. She said that most of the costume was actually Jonathan Adams' personal clothing and that there was not much design needed. His suit coat, shirt, watch and glasses were supplied by Mr. Adams. I did ask about the shirt specifically and she said that although the lighting in several scenes seems to give it a bluish tint, it was "indeed, a proper white shirt."

When I asked the items in the coat pocket, she said the pencils and pens were just random items and did change for different scenes. She said she remembered two items specifically. One of the pens was a proper fountain pen that would certainly have been carried by a teacher of the era. The other item she recalled was the white item in the coat pocket that looks as if it could be a handkerchief. She said "my no, not a handkerchief, it was a small slide rule." This item would certainly have been carried by a science teacher (for those of you who have used pocket calculators since grade school, a slide rule was used by us old farts for scientific ciphering for large and small math calculations).

The tie was nothing special and was simply selected from a few that Mr. Adams had with him.

Fishnets, garter belt, heels, etc. were simply provided to match the rest of the floor show participants.

As Sue has had a very successful career with many assignments since Rocky, she said she could not remember anything else about costuming for Dr. Scott. We returned to the festivities after about an hour and I have been meaning to write this article ever since. I have finally dug out my notes I took that day and put pen to paper (yeah, right, Microsoft Word on my desktop computer anyway).

I have also done a bit of research on my own using the miracle of "pause" on the DVD to identify the wheelchair used in the movie. There are some very distinctive structural characteristics that help identify the chair. After all, this is a pretty important costume piece for this character. I am fairly certain that the chair is an "Everest & Jennings" chair. No model numbers were used for these earlier chairs and this one is referred to as their "STANDARD" chair with full length arm rests and removable foot rests. It has wire spoke wheels, metal foot rests, white handle grips and brown seat and back pieces. Although not a standard accessory for this chair, the one in the movie seems to have brown upholstered modesty panels on both sides that extend all the way to the bottom of the arm rests.

I hope this information is helpful for those who have a passion for the character of Dr. Scott as I do. I am now 52 years young and still get a kick out of the audience reaction when I pull back the blanket and reveal the "Old Fart's" fishnet-clad legs and heels.

Tom Finch


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