Rocky Props & Details
(Rocky Wraps)

Last updated: 12/6/98


Body Wraps:

Wrap the body before doing the legs and arms.

Leg/Arm Wraps

You need to do this with your Rocky in front of you. Wraps must be constructed ON the Rocky to fit properly.
It helps to have a long stiff wire or rod to pull the wraps against--we used a 3/8" bamboo stick.
It also helps a lot to have two people doing the wrapping.

There are two ways to make arm/leg bandages: sewn and unsewn. Unsewn bandages are more authentic, but take a lot longer to put on.

Making the leg wraps:

To start wrappings at the crotch, do this: Rocky's bandages may actually start at his toes, and you can start there, but it may be harder for you to move around. To start at the toes, do this:

Making the arm wraps:

Putting on the wraps:



Taking off the wraps:

Make SURE you go over this with Magenta and Columbia! All they need to do is:

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