Frank Costumes FROM THE PLAY


Last Updated: 7/4/2012

How We Got Them:
I purchased the costumes at auction from Dori Hartley at the 25th Anniversary on Oct. 13, 2000. Dori was given several of Tim's costume items from the failed Broadway production at the Belasco many years back. (I believe you can read the story in Bill Henkin's "Rocky Horror Picture Show Book.") I purchased the fabric items and another fan, Jeff Mace, purchased Tim's shoe. Three years later, I acquired the shoe from Jeff.

In the provenance letter Dori wrote for us, she writes:
"I received the dinner shirt as a personal gift from the costume designer herself (Sue Blane) after performing at a convention held at Roseland in New York City.....The year before I received a bag containing all the other costumes mentioned from Sal Piro who was a friend of someone who had worked on the Belasco production and had saved the costumes all those years."

So yes, these costumes are NOT FROM THE MOVIE. They are from a 1975 version of the play where Tim played Frank and Sue Blane did the costume design. They are posted here because people have asked to see them and I feel people may find some useful construction tips here. Sue Blane probably used similar techniques for the film items.

These photos are quite large and may take a while to load. I will be posting more...but for now, here is a start.

The Belasco Red Corset

The Belasco Yellow Gauntlet

The Belasco Red and Fishnet Gauntlets

The Belasco Shoe
The Belasco shoe has not aged well; theater is hard on shoes. A friend, Kevin, pointed out that the Roxy shoes have similar criss-cross straps to the ones on the Belasco shoes. It's possible they're the same pair. It's obvious from the first glance that Tim wore different shoes in the film.


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