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Over the years, one of the most common requests has been for Transylvanian details. While I adore screen-accurate Transylvanian costumes, I've strongly resisted adding another dozen costumes to the list for obvious reasons. Many people have promised to help...very few have stepped up to the plate.

I don't have the time I used to when I first started this list, and I am much less familiar with the Transylvanians' costumes, as most casts I've been in didn't feature Trannies for any length of time. So these are preliminary and will need a lot of refining. If you wish to make additions or corrections, please email me .

Many thanks to Rebecca, the first person who ever actually sent me any Tranny details, and to Mike Allen, who sent detailed descriptions of individual Trannies.

Last updated: 6/23/2015

Transylvanian Guest Costumes: Generalities
Adapted from text by Rebecca

Black tux or tail coats – All the Transylvanians wear the same basic style of black jacket, though the lapel length and color, number of buttons, and presence or absence of tails varies with each Transylvanian. The lapel length varies from chest-length to just above the waist.
As far as I can tell, all the Trannies’ jackets have peak lapels without buttonholes. The center front below the lapels slopes diagonally downward toward the hips. It looks like the jackets are not meant to be closed in front. The jackets have long sleeves, but most of them are short enough to show the Trannies’ shirt cuffs. Some of the jackets look like they have separate cuffs as well (not very noticeable), and some of the sleeves have buttons, which indicates a sleeve vent and probably a two-piece (upper and under) sleeve.
A few of the Trannies’ jackets do not have tails [Ruth note: it looks like the women's do, but the men's do not], but are pointed down at the center back as though adding tails would be the next step. The tails’ ends are rounded (swallowtail, like Columbia’s, but most are wider than hers), and the transition from tail to jacket is pretty much abrupt, although more gradual than Columbia’s. Some of the jackets have two buttons (color varies) placed horizontally above the tails. I can’t tell if there is a center back seam on the jackets, but it would make the jackets more fitted and the placement of the tails would be easier.

Black satin armbands with a gold lightning bolt – Worn on right upper sleeve. The armbands are about 2 ˝ inches wide.

Black pants – Satiny and pretty tight, though loose enough around the ankles to flare over the socks. Pants have side seams and a separate waistband. I’m not sure how they fasten, but definitely not a front fly zip.

White socks – Mid-calf length. Ribbed, worn pulled up over pants. Crew socks are less likely to slip around than tube socks.

Black patent leather shoes – Male and female Trannies wear different styles. The men (and Fran Fullenwider) have flats with about a ˝ inch heel and rounded toe with just a slight point. It looks like there are rectangular grosgrain ribbon bows on the toes. Bows are about one inch long and two inches wide. No ankle straps. The women have open-toed high heels with ankle straps and gold (?) rectangular buckles. The open toe is sort of a rounded diamond shape, with the opening going almost to the vamp. The heels are triangular: widest (about 2 inches) at the top and narrowing to about ˝ inch at the bottom. The sides of the shoes are open, and the heel is covered. All the women except Fran wear this style of shoe except Sadie Corre, who (according to Larry Viezel) wore her own shoes because the studio didn’t have any that fit her. Sadie wears black leather open-toed strappy flat sandals. A strap goes down the top of the foot from the ankle to the toe, and two straps intersect with it across her foot—sort of a modified T-strap. There is also an ankle strap which goes around her foot to the heel.

Miscellaneous – Trannies wear shirts with very ‘70’s collars. Instead of pointing forward, they point out. I believe this is called a “spread” collar. As far as I can tell, all the Trannies wear their top buttons closed, so the collars make two isosceles triangles (shortest side facing neck) when seen from the front. Some of the Trannies wear their collars turned up.

Transylvanian Guest Costumes: Details

Mike Allen did the bulk of the work on these, though I did sit down and go through and vet them and have been adding details as I've made time. However, I can't claim I'm as familiar with the Transylvanians as I am with the main characters. Comments and additional details are welcome.

If you're wondering which Transylvanian is which, is a terrific resource.

TONY MILNER (Fluorescent pink shirt Tranny)

CHRISTOPHER BIGGINS (Fat male Tranny with pastry tray)

HUGH CECIL (Bald monocle Tranny )

(Mike Allen contributions start here.)

IMOGEN CLAIRE (Bouffant haired female Tranny)

PAMELA OBERMEYER (Black female Tranny with pirate hat)

RUFUS COLLINS (Black male Tranny with yellow hat)

ANNABEL LEVENTON (Double-hatted female blonde "Madonna" Tranny)

GAYE BROWN (Orange-haired female Tranny)

ISHAQ BUX (White-bearded Arab Tranny)

KIMI WONG (Female Asian Tranny with long hair)

PEGGY LEDGER (Old female purple-hair Tranny)

PERRY BEDDEN (Tall short-haired male Tranny with blue hat)

STEPHEN CALCUTT (Tall male long-haired Tranny)

TONY THEN (Male white-haired Asian Tranny)

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