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The Thank You List

Last updated: 6/23/15
Many thanks to Sue Blane, for creating designs that were compelling enough for something like this list to exist, and to Mick Rock and John Jay for taking all the photos on the set which we've all referred to since.
Thanks to Eric Bradshaw ("Riff Rag") for help with html and the great-looking titles.

Additional thanks to James Norman for insisting I put this *@%*&! thing into html, and to Larry Viezel for access to rare photos I'd never have found otherwise.

Help with costumes, makeup, etc. from:

Mae L. Young Byron "Zenin" Brummer Shannon Rosendale
Jessica Feldman Shawn McHorse Jason Hamilton
Mark Beck. Jaimie Froemming Tracie Scofield
Arthur Levesque Toby Weaver Wally Barsell
Jamie Greene Jen Hoffman Larry Viezel
Scott Labrecque Bill Ung Alicia "Quad" Wallace
Becky Milanio Michael Bennett Emma Taylor
Tom Bronson Anna from Lincoln Scott Matheus
Lizz Kuehl Jeremy "Happy Butcher" Selenfriend Mike "Genghis" Gonzalez
Shelley Foss Jeff Foss Gene Chiovari
Jessie WittLila ZimmanSylvia Drake
Gene Ware Sera Lysea Katie Greene
Princess Laurie Carole Stueben Jim Whittaker
Shannon "Shan-shan" Harding Jain Charlee Flatt
Mina Smith Arthur Levesque Sonja
Holly Fred Olderr Ashford Wyrd
Rebecca Mark Tomaino Shawn Anthony
Candie Steve from Vegas David Shetterley
M. Scott Jim "Cosmo" Hetzer Jenny D.
Kelly McKivorEdward MarloweMelanie La France
Saffron Shearer-Gare Robert Dozzi Dawn Marie and Ken Divelbiss
Elaine TruverTrish HolubMolly Roberson
Sherri S. BrownBrigitte PistolHanah from Wisconsin
The LiveJournal rhpscostumes groupMike AllenJoanna from the Milwaukee cast
Venus from Barely Legaljaqui h swanRaini McHorse
Sam from FFOKelsy WagnerTom Finch
Vudu DollLuis A. from MiamiBruce from
DeadBetty, whoever you are
Shawn HallChristopher AmblerMegan Tabor
Dave HollinsworthYour name could be here!

Sources and Special Thank Yous:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (film, video, DVD and Blu-Ray); RHPS stills and publicity cards; 1980 and 1995 RHPS trading cards; the Rocky Horror Picture Show Book (Bill Henkin); the 2004, 1995, 1990 and 1980 calendars; the 3 Poster Magazines; the Rocky Horror Picture Show Official Magazine; the Official Australian Magazine; the RHPS Movie Novel; the booklet from the 1990 Box Set; the Laserdisc out-takes; Twentieth Century Fox; Shawn's Rocky Horror screencaps; the Mick Rock "Rocky Horror" book; the Sue Blane interviews in Jim Whittaker's excellent book Cosmic Light.

Thanks to Sources
Sue Blane herself in an interview for Crazed Imaginations; Richard O'Brien for settling the question about the space gun color (thanks to Nathan and Cosmo of Rocky Radio for asking!); Kent Shepard of for finally settling the slingshot question; and Little Nell for settling the "white belt" question.

Technical Support
Thanks to Zenin, our current webspace provider, and to Cosmo, who hosted the site for years and first offered us a spiffy domain name. Finally, thanks to my husband, Wally Barsell, who donated space on his personal website for the original List, and who's put up with my obsessing about costumes with only minimal grumbling. (He'll deny it, but he's just as much of a detail freak as I am.)

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